Yaksha: Why does one give in charity to brahmans, artists, servants and kings?
  Yudhisthira: For religious merit, prestige, maintenance and protection, respectively.

  to my website ! to my website ! my history... my inside out i am who i am friends and sponsors an egg or not an egg - this is not the question the king is a nomad about me in general me in Chiang Mai Art Museum, Thailand me, in my Mondrian suit at q~bus, Berlin when i was just a little egg inside my mother's.... me me and my grandfather in the holly land me giving orders at Mr. OK's office Eukabeuk is how i like it many pictures of me to really hear me you have got to meet me! me and one of my girlfriends how do do magic (technical) my PDF performing in Thailand I was born in Tel-Aviv, grown up in Berlin call me ! +66 (0)9 - 954 17 19 email me: <oman@heimat.de> where i am and where i plan to be money - money - money we could become friends world wide egg i change my plans day by day internet print sensory WAN GPS GSM computing voice spirit time art egg life creativity emotions planing

LATEST NEWS: OMAN preparing for performance at Technical University, Eindhoven - Holland. download PDF here


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Latest images from oman performances at Manuel Bonik's inter/re/views at Kunspunkt Berlin (Mitte)Schlegelstr. 6 open till 15 March 02

Latest images from Thailand (oman preparations and the show at CMU Art Museum)

Latest event 20 Jan. - 15 Feb. 2002: oman exhibition at CMU Art Museum

Latest event 24 Jan. 2002: oman performing outdoors @CMU gate

Latest event 10-12 Feb. 2002: oman at Inventors Day 2002 visited by Thai King's Agent

10 Feb. 2002: oman goes to its stand at Inventors Day 2002

OMAN premiere at Chiang Mai Museum 20Jan2001(photos by oman)

OMAN at Inventors Day, Thailand (photos by oman)

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