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who is developing Oman ?

The core team :
A group of media artsist and other professionals with specialized backgrounds in electronics,
communication, media and design

Media artist - Francis Wittenberger, (Isarel / Europe)project coordinator
Media artist Boris Svirsky, (Israel) Artistic director
Media artist - Michael Mikina, (Austria) media concept and artistic research relations,
Media Artist - Manuel Bonik - (Geramny) texts and travellab coordination
Media Artsis - Soern Raagard - (Denmark) Sounds

Hardware specialist-
Sukandar Kartadinata (Germany / Indonesia), hardware and hardware programming

Egg model and costumes-
Birgit Schoene (Germany)

Web programming-
Peter Ravil (Australia)

Public relations -
Katja Gruetering (Germany)

in cooperation with:

q-bus Mediatecture, Berlin
GPRS by e-plus
Programming supported by Bit~side GmbH

ISP - webspace for artists and projects

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