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For the last five years
artists Francis Wittenberger and Boris Svirsky conducted Artistic Research and have been
examining a series of subjects relating human psychology to artificial
personality. Nowadays the group has grown and calls itself 'Independent artist
group' and is delocalized and works across Europe, Australia, Thailand and
Israel. This year we will be building "0man" - the first Independent Artist
Machine on topics ranging from Awareness to Location Based Decision to Mobile
Communication to the final Autonomous Artist Machine responding to the name
0man. The concept 'Independent Artist Machine' was invented in Israel, 1995 and
now is researched and created in Berlin, Germany. 0man aims to cover what we
call " Art Recreate Artist ", mainly to project on the future of New Media

Egg Robot ??

You all know about Robots - our slaves.
Maybe you do. Perhaps you don't. Most of you drive your business using enslaved
computer robots. The 0man project is about to surprise you ! We are building
0man the first Egg shaped, globally independent Artist Robot ! 0man is an Artist
not a slave. 0man project focuses on "communication machine-artist" thus raises
current key issues in the field of media art, new media and robotics: -Who is a
media artist and what are the signs of being one ? -Is using new media
technologies to present content makes that content media art? -Is making a human
like, walking robot make any sense ?

A Speaking Egg ??
An Egg Robot must not understand people
- people should understand it Robots are awash with technology. But does it make
those communicative? Do we understand what they want? can those want ?? I guess
we have the key to make a 'working robot'. Not a robot that work for people but
a robot that 'works' in the social sense. At Honda, Sony or MIT developers are
convinced that a robot must walk, recognize people, look like them and be
securely controlled. We believe the opposite - freedom to our robot - no legs or
arms, global insurance, mobility and a credit card ! Not a worker but an artist
! 0man is not a robot-driver - 0man is the passenger, 0man don't run - Oman fly
! A communicative robot need to have access to people, to know where it is and
what it wants to give and get. It need to be able to talk to people and present
itself in a way that will make them understand what it wants thus to ensure that
it can travel, recharge, communicate etc. 0man project examine key issues
involved in creating social independent robots.

A Paying Egg ??
We have grouped some of the major issues
that form part of "making it work". 0man will buy the services it need,
traveling or hotel reservations. 0man will outsource printing jobs for an
exhibitions and utilize snail mail. Oman is continuously creating its plan
related with its account balance thus one way or another, 0man will make the
puzzle fit and finally will have a fair chance even to make money.

A Traveling Egg ??
Half the world is is used to travelling by car, others are used to fly or ride
bicycles or horses - the only - way to do business. The other half is using public
transportation. Whatever the aim is people don't do traveling by foot.
0man is designed for success and for seamless integration in reality.
In 0man we implement only the important technologies and some other "obviously needed"
(like legs, arm, face recognition etc) that we don't, key issues like location based
decisions, resource planning and emotional response, are transforming our travelling
Egg into the business man and media artist all in one.

The Future of an Egg Robot
0man the 'Egg Robot' is known everywhere, appearing on TV and radio shows, travelling
to Tokyo... Egg Robot is visiting you at your home; 0man meet Michael Jackson...
Egg Exhibit in museums, streaming live its visit to the president...
Will 0man Boost the telecom industry? Will people understand that for certain tasks a
very minimal intelligence is required ? Will People accept non human art made by an
Egg ?? Will 0man become "the police of the police" ?
* If you could work anywhere, would you work all the time? 0man will!
but will 0man be able to live its life to the point that it becomes truly
self-sustaining and never have to depend on the artists who built it ??
With these questions we seek something solid in a sea of plans.
Some technologies are here and now, personality is something we we will add to it and
0man will affect all our lives! We look at freedom of arts that is the most important.

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