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the uco project, concieved in 1995 was the base for Oman concept...

when a SEC want a new body... an artist (oman) is born...

Universal Companionship art project
Virtual Univers and Secondary Consciousness

Curator's introduction (UCO exhibition@Herzlia Museum 1995)

"Well, UCO is the project of the other land. Each of us, in the old world,
has his/her "holy land" place: an image of the promised land. We all knew,
once, where this land was. At some point we learned that the promised land
has not managed to keep its promise, which was, if you recall, eternal
peace and quiet.

Unlike those who think that the problem is inherent in the land itself, its
neighbors, its climate or the soil from which it made, the UCO artist
believe that the source of the problem is in the model itself. It is not a
specific part of the promise that is wrong and needs to be changed, but
rather - as indicated by the state of things - the model of the promised
land which has been the only possibility within or through which one could
obtain the promise and realize it; that same land which had represented a
primal choiceless state that is irrelevant to post-modernist life.
The UCO project cancels the exclusiveness of that model, and marks the
beginning of a new period in which we attempt to begin afresh; instead of
one Land - many; instead of one world - multiple worlds; instead of solid
land which is willing, at any moment, to take us in - many; and mainly,
natural lands without the fundamental concept of destruction embedded in
the term "mother nature".

This is a non-material land, borders which cannot be fought over, space
which will always be infinite. Even if in one of the multiple dimensions it
seems finite, in another such a limit would instantly disappear into the darkness.

UCO is a group of artists who operate on the border between science and art.
Unlike many artists. the UCO people conceive and design their work in another
dimension, which
corresponds to the prevailing perception among scientists. At the same time,
the project has some educational aspects. At the "UCO center" the artists will
collect the maps of the "second land" sent to them, in order to route -
according to the data - the autonomous construction of the alternative
universe model, which leads to an understanding of a new subconsciousness.
The viewers, mainly youth, will be able to confront the questions of multiple
worlds, spatial thinking and a new visual perception, as well as the idea of a
parallel existence in reality within multiple worlds - A visual thinking on a
number of levels is UCO's educational aim.
The viewer will be able to observe, for the first time, the formation of a
conceptual jigsaw puzzle which will underlie the mapping of the second land,
and will introduce his/her own map too.

In this land the "citizen" can as well introduce him/herself whenever his/her
desires, in comfort and without any material limitations; As opposed to the old
land which gives unlimited experiences, but eventually takes them all back at
the end of one's life.

UCO's land both promises and gives him, and enriches both his earthly and his
eternal life. The key is inherent in the idea that what UCO gives the viewers,
depends mainly on what the viewers are willing to give it. The more detailed
and comprehensive the personal maps sent to UCO are, and the more viewers
participating in the project of designing the "universe architecture", so more
people will be able to enjoy the wonderful lands to which UCO will lead them
to. The more information UCO server collect about the imaginary lands of the
viewers, the better the system it can conceive for selecting the virtual space

Every once in a while the UCO artists will set up further exhibitions in order
to update viewers who are not directly connected to the project via the internet,
as well as others who are sitting on the sidelines not believing their eyes in
view of the growing of an alternative culture, with a different
space time information awareness."

Aim Deuelle Luski
Herzlia museum of art Israel
November, 1995

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